Saint Anthony Hospital USP-40 Pharmacy Update

Renovation: Mechanical HVAC design services for USP-40 / NF-35 update to pharmacy hazardous drug compounding areas.

EOU Loso Hall Exhaust System Improvements

Renovation: Mechanical HVAC design services for industrial exhaust system remediation/replacement including foundry, welding, ceramics, kilns, paint, and printmaking.

Whitman College Physics Dept. Laser Engraver

Design: Direct exhaust system for new laser engraver.

Oregon Coast Glass Works

Analysis: Code analysis of glass blowing/forming facility; NFPA 54

Garland Animal Clinic

Design: Oxygen and Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal systems; NFPA 99 and 704, IFC

Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry

Renovation: Mechanical, Plumbing, and Medical Gas design services for 8,300 square foot pediatric dental office.

Entek Manufacturing

Tasks and Duties:

Linde - Industrial Gases

Drafting: Drawing updates for CO2 system Process and Instrumentation Diagrams

ODFW Vetrinary Laboratory Improvements

Renovation: Renovation and expansion of 1,500 square foot existing office spaces and veterinary/research laboratory. 

Furniture Restoration Center

Analysis: Code analysis of furniture spray facility; NFPA 704, NFPA 15, and NFPA 33

Umatilla Electric Cooperative Substation

Calculations: Cooling load calculations on electrical sub-station.

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